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3 MAJOR Things to Remember Each New Year

Here we are. Excited about the endless possibilities of the New Year. Perhaps for you this means a new love, new clients, finally toning your tummy or all of the above. Many times I’ve pulled out a fresh piece of paper or opened a beautiful new journal and wrote down all of the grandeur I wanted to achieve in the coming New Year. You know the drill…. Lose 20 pounds, write a book; maybe even help with world peace. Then usually somewhere around March or April I’m doing a harsh and grueling self-evaluation. I’ve got the “woulda, coulda, shoulda” hat on and I’m commiserating about my “Progress”. What the heck is that anyway??? By whose standards am I measuring this “Progress”?

Those close to me know how hard I work and that I’m a stickler for quality and efficiency. However, as I mature and become more in-tuned with my inner compass, I realize that the STRESS of progress (the systematic achievement or movement forward over a period of time) can sometimes slow you down rather than move you forward.

Allow me to explain. In my younger days, I would often filter what I said, did, thought, and even my level of “Progress” through someone else’s microscope instead of my own. Needless to say, this lack of self-trust set me back quite a bit; decades even. Did I say decades? Yes. So in hopes to help you shorten your “achievement curve” or “progress pulse” or whatever catchy name you’d like to call it,

here’s 3 MAJOR things to remember at the beginning of each New Year.


1)    Don’t you dare look at anyone else’s “treadmill”.

You can swap out treadmill for love life, bank account, car…. fill in the blank. One of the first hindrances to having the year or life you want is setting your goals based on someone else’s ____.  Fill in the blank. Have you ever been in the gym and happened to glance at someone else’s distance or minutes on the treadmill and then compared them to yours? OR peaked out the window and saw your neighbor’s brand new CAR !!! (In my Oprah voice). For a second you may have felt your energy drop and some regret, shame, remorse or funkiness started to creep into your mind. STOP THAT my Friend!!!! You are You. Embrace where you are and move to YOUR own rhythm. No apologies needed. One of the best quotes I read on social media was “Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle”. That’s powerful!! When you fall into the trap of comparing your life with someone else’s, that energy of regret knocks you off your center. Take a deep breath AND a bow. No matter where you may be today, be proud of your DECISION to continuously move forward. That is MAJOR.


2)    Forgive yourself for last year’s unfinished business.

Does this sound familiar? “How could I possibly be progressing if I’m still dragging last year’s unfinished projects, business, or tasks into the New Year???” Very simple. It’s a matter of a changed perspective. Rather than mentally dooming an unfinished project to the “oh, I’ll NEVER get this finished pile.” Instead exercise your power of choice by utilizing an inspiring thought. Realize that you actually have a head start on the project’s completion. Rather than seeing it as “never gonna get it done”. See it for what it REALLY is. You are ¼, ½, or even ¾ of the way toward it being finished. Release the old self-defeating energy of procrastination. Decide to take the momentum of what you HAVE accomplished thus far and move your project forward until it is done.


3)    Honor the “Eternalness” of your journey.

I admit that I have been guilty of frantically running around like I had to catch an 11:45 pm train to Times Square on New Years’ Eve. Not a pretty sight. Neither is the self-inflicted stress that your mind and body endures when you approach life this way.  It’s easy to get caught up in the frenzy of a deadline or someone else’s lack of preparation that has turned into an “emergency”. The bottom line is this: you are a spiritual being having a physical experience. Your very essence is energy; which cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another. Your spirit is eternal. Your thoughts, your intentions, your journey, your time here is about the joy of the moments of life, not the stress and pressure you attach to it.

When you honor the eternalness of your journey and remember that you are never going to get “it” done, exciting possibilities immediately become available to you.  The debilitating pressure of not having enough time is replaced by the calm remembrance of your eternalness. This feeling alone prompts you to accomplish more. The reality that you are forever evolving and becoming more each and every moment gives you a sense of freedom to do and be, and start again if necessary. The best part is that you don’t have to wait until next January 1st for a fresh start.

Before the newness of this New Year gets too far away from you, please know that in any moment you can experience the growth and expansion that you knew you would have even before you were born. Lighten up just a little and honor the splendor of who you really are; now and throughout the entire year.

With Much Love and Life Harmony, Linda


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