Life Harmony Links is all about helping you experience more harmony, personal empowerment, good health, and peace of mind. Our Business Directory helps connect you to phenomenal companies who can help you on your journey.Our founder, Linda K. Bell a/k/a The “Life Harmony Lady” firmly believes, when we are living OUR definition of joy, spiritual consciousness, wellness, prosperity, personal empowerment, and life harmony, we can positively impact those around us and the planet as a whole.


We Appreciate YOU because you’re serious about improving the quality of your life. You also understand that this Directory is more than just pretty lists of contact info. There are individuals, families, and hard-working business owners represented in every single photo, website, and social media link shared here. It is our privilege to connect you with companies who genuinely care about YOUR well-being.


The Business Owners that we attract offer outstanding products and services; and more importantly we are:

  • Dedicated to improving quality of life
  • Conducting business with a high level of integrity
  • Focused on the highest good


We help Connect Our Business Directory Members to their prospective clients in many ways. Some options are:

  • Interview on Life Harmony RADIO
  • Radio Commercial about their Business
  • Become one the Featured Businesses on our Home Page
  • Receive Client Contact Leads
  • Upload an expanded Photo Gallery
  • Submit an Article about their Company
  • Receive Client Reviews
  • Utilize Multiple “Share” options
  • Extended Social Media & website links


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