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Do You KNOW ?

Perhaps you’ve had a glimpse of that powerful feeling of… KNOWING. A time when there was not one ounce of doubt within you, you just KNEW. It doesn’t matter specifically what the situation was. It could have been something that seemed absolutely impossible, but you KNEW that not only was it going to work out; your desired outcome was already DONE. Think back; you’ve probably had many of those concrete experiences of KNOWING. We’ve all had them. One in particular…

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What Has LAUGHTER Done for You Lately?

When was the last time you held your stomach because you were laughing SO hard? Just the thought of watching an “I Love Lucy” re-run or one of Dave Chappelle’s lost episodes for the fifth time can put most worries on hold; even if for a brief time.  Laughter is infectious.  We all know the liberating feeling of losing ourselves in laughter; but could laughter REALLY be the key to happiness? Many have started to harness this energy and create…

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