Is Holistic Living for You?

If I were to tell you that I’ve always meditated or I always ate healthy, my nose would be longer than Pinocchio’s. Although it was decades ago, there was a time when my diet consisted of double stuff Oreo cookies, Fritos corn chips, Hawaiian Punch and fast food. I was living the life, or so I thought. I was fresh out of my parents’ house, 16 years old, and a freshman in college. I didn’t have to hear my Mom telling me to eat my vegetables or my Dad explain the importance of a good hot meal. Silly me. In the ignorance of my youth, I actually thought I was invincible. It didn’t occur to me at the time, but I was eating some of the worst “food” on the planet.

It wasn’t until years later when I got married and became pregnant with my first child that I realized everything I ate and did affected my unborn baby. This was a MAJOR turning point for me. No longer could I selfishly consume food with no nutritional value just because I liked the taste. I knew I had to do better. I wanted to give my baby a fresh start in life without a bunch of chemicals, artificial additives, and stress. I started studying and learning about healthy nutrition and getting more in-tuned with my body, my mind and spirit. I researched and discovered a multitude of ways to improve our quality of life. With a renewed outlook, I was able to experience natural child birth and deliver a healthy baby girl 36 years ago. Four amazing adult children and two beautiful grandchildren later, holistic living is right up there with breathing. Being more physically and spiritually conscious of HOW I am living is the key.

Holistic living is a personal decision to extend and improve the quality of your life. It’s a resolve that allows you to love ALL of you. Too often we deal with mere fragments of ourselves; rather than addressing all parts of our mind, body, spirit, and soul. 

A holistic or “wholistic” approach actively engages the inner and outer parts of you to achieve overall wellness, wholeness, balance, and peace of mind.

Holistic living gives you more choices and empowers you to… appreciate yourself.

One of the reasons I got the name, “Life Harmony Lady” was because I was known for seeking out more natural, peaceful, and healthier ways of doing things… and for getting RESULTS. For example, for

Headaches, I found that Peppermint Essential Oil is better than anything in the pharmacy.

For Insomnia, a cup of hot Chamomile tea works wonders.

For Winter Depression, incremental exposure to Natural Light Lamps helps tremendously.

I am in no way a medical physician. These tips are for informational purposes only. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any condition. When something works well for me and my loved ones, I’m naturally going to share it.

The Holistic Living Reference Guide is the result of many years of experiencing and learning about living a healthier, more harmonious life. It’s set up as a quick index to a number of terms, practices and tools that can help educate and assist you on your journey to a more optimal life. I hope you enjoy it.

Much Love and Life Harmony, Linda

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