Personal Growth

3 MAJOR Things to Remember Each New Year

Here we are. Excited about the endless possibilities of the New Year. Perhaps for you this means a new love, new clients, finally toning your tummy or all of the above. Many times I’ve pulled out a fresh piece of paper or opened a beautiful new journal and wrote down all of the grandeur I wanted to achieve in the coming New Year. You know the drill…. Lose 20 pounds, write a book; maybe even help with world peace. Then…

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5 Ways to Honor Our ANCESTORS

When a loved one or someone close to your heart makes their transition, your immediate feelings of sadness and loss can be overwhelming. I remember when each of my parents passed away many, many years ago, I was devastated. The emotions of regret and despair seemed almost unbearable. Then slowly, I reminded myself that their spirits are eternal.  As I began to think about the good times we spent together and all that they had taught me, my sorrow decreased.…

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Is Holistic Living for You?

If I were to tell you that I’ve always meditated or I always ate healthy, my nose would be longer than Pinocchio’s. Although it was decades ago, there was a time when my diet consisted of double stuff Oreo cookies, Fritos corn chips, Hawaiian Punch and fast food. I was living the life, or so I thought. I was fresh out of my parents’ house, 16 years old, and a freshman in college. I didn’t have to hear my Mom…

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What Is Your UNBORN Baby Trying to Tell You?

A mother knows that the bond between her and her baby is strengthened when she talks or sings to her little one when he or she is still in her womb. But how many moms have actually experienced a TWO-WAY conversation with their unborn or newborn baby? More than you might imagine!! There are hundreds, perhaps even thousands of mothers across the country who at one time feared they might be losing their minds until they learned about the work that Sandra Jones-Keller is…

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