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Are You NAKED in Your Closet?

We’ve all done it. Standing there. Staring aimlessly. In a rush to go; wishing you could just get on with your life. But, oh wait. You’re half naked. No, I’m not referring to a costume party gone wrong; I’m talking about something much more personal. The relationship that you have with your CLOSET. Do you find yourself wearing the same 4 outfits because you have no clue what else is in your closet? Or maybe you can’t actually get beyond…

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5 Ways YOGA Can Prolong Your Life

How can saluting the sun, standing like a tree, or posing like a cow prolong your life? You’d be surprised. Each of these are yoga poses that help to activate different energy points in your body and improve your sense of overall well being. Yoga is among the oldest known systems of health practiced in the world today. Beginner students can use it to get more in touch with their bodies and increase strength and vitality. While intermediate and more…

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Personal Growth

Do You KNOW ?

Perhaps you’ve had a glimpse of that powerful feeling of… KNOWING. A time when there was not one ounce of doubt within you, you just KNEW. It doesn’t matter specifically what the situation was. It could have been something that seemed absolutely impossible, but you KNEW that not only was it going to work out; your desired outcome was already DONE. Think back; you’ve probably had many of those concrete experiences of KNOWING. We’ve all had them. One in particular…

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