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Do You KNOW ?

Perhaps you’ve had a glimpse of that powerful feeling of… KNOWING. A time when there was not one ounce of doubt within you, you just KNEW. It doesn’t matter specifically what the situation was. It could have been something that seemed absolutely impossible, but you KNEW that not only was it going to work out; your desired outcome was already DONE. Think back; you’ve probably had many of those concrete experiences of KNOWING. We’ve all had them. One in particular…

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What Is Your UNBORN Baby Trying to Tell You?

A mother knows that the bond between her and her baby is strengthened when she talks or sings to her little one when he or she is still in her womb. But how many moms have actually experienced a TWO-WAY conversation with their unborn or newborn baby? More than you might imagine!! There are hundreds, perhaps even thousands of mothers across the country who at one time feared they might be losing their minds until they learned about the work that Sandra Jones-Keller is…

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