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3 Ways to Release FEAR When You’re Pressed for Time

Imagine this: every VIP in your company is in attendance and you just found out that you’ve been selected to give the farewell toast at your boss’ retirement party. OR what if your business partner is stuck in traffic and you have to fill in for him at a VERY important investor pitch meeting. Unless you’re made of stone, fear and panic is often the immediate reaction. After you’ve had a moment to breathe and allow the magnitude of the…

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5 Ways YOGA Can Prolong Your Life

How can saluting the sun, standing like a tree, or posing like a cow prolong your life? You’d be surprised. Each of these are yoga poses that help to activate different energy points in your body and improve your sense of overall well being. Yoga is among the oldest known systems of health practiced in the world today. Beginner students can use it to get more in touch with their bodies and increase strength and vitality. While intermediate and more…

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