Life Harmony Links is all about helping you experience more peace of mind, personal empowerment, good health, and harmony within your home and your life. Our Business Directory helps connect you to phenomenal companies who can help you on your journey.

Founder, Linda K. Bell

Our Founder, Linda K. Bell, a/k/a/ The “Life Harmony Lady” has been a Holistic Wellness Advocate for over 14 years. Researching, experiencing and connecting outstanding Holistic and Metaphysical Business Owners with people who want to live a more healthy and conscious life is her true passion.

While in meditation, Linda received a divine download, to organize and co-produce The Life Harmony & Light Conference in 2012. This 2-day Conference featured our beloved ascended ancestor Dr. Delbert Blair, Spiritual Teachers Brother Ali and Mama Kongo, Dr. Mitchell Gibson, Global Peace Walker Audri
Scott Williams, and a variety of phenomenal Holistic Practitioners and Entrepreneurs.

In addition, Linda has organized Holistic events for renowned mind, body and spirit medicine man, vibrational healing music pioneer and master herbalist Doctah B. Sirius, PhD. Doctah B is widely respected and endorsed by Rev. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, Legendary Ancestor Dick Gregory, Alice Coltrane and a host of others.

Linda has had the privilege of interviewing and showcasing countless Holistic Practitioners and Lifestyle Professionals on her Podcast, Life Harmony Radio. Years later, the archived episodes continue to receive an astounding number of downloads.

At Life Harmony Links we work to connect those seeking outstanding Holistic products and services with Practitioners and Entrepreneurs who can genuinely help them. Our intention is to continue to attract and showcase Business Owners who are:

  • Dedicated to improving quality of life
  • Conduct business with a high level of integrity and are
  • Focused on the Highest Good.

If You and Your Business are aligned with these values,

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With Much Love and Life Harmony,