Perhaps you’ve had a glimpse of that powerful feeling of… KNOWING. A time when there was not one ounce of doubt within you, you just KNEW. It doesn’t matter specifically what the situation was. It could have been something that seemed absolutely impossible, but you KNEW that not only was it going to work out; your desired outcome was already DONE.

Think back; you’ve probably had many of those concrete experiences of KNOWING. We’ve all had them. One in particular that comes to mind happened when I was a full-time Realtor® several years ago. I had a very anxious client who called me the day before our closing to tell me that her bank erroneously double charged her AND added overdraft fees to 12 of the last 13 transactions she had made. Consequently, if her bank account was showing as overdrawn, the closing attorney would not be able to verify that she had the funds needed to bring to the closing table in less than 24 hours.

If all that wasn’t bad enough, not only would she be stuck with hundreds of dollars in bank fees, all the bills she thought she paid would be overdue with late fees added, she would forfeit her non-refundable deposit to the moving company that was scheduled to arrive the next day, her current house had sold and the new owners where prepared to take possession on her closing date, AND she would lose her dream house; the house that she, her 3 children and ailing mother so desperately needed to move in to.

I remember it like it was yesterday. As I was listening to the panic in her voice, a feeling came over me where I KNEW that I KNEW that I KNEW that none of what she was telling me mattered. On the outside it sounded like all hell was breaking loose. It sounded like the absolute worst thing that could ever happen to someone on the day before they were about to complete one of the largest purchases of their lifetime.

I told her, and I quote, “None of that matters. We are closing tomorrow. Calm down. Take a deep breath, and KNOW for a fact that, THAT house is YOURS. Call your bank. They will fix it. I’ll call the closing attorney and explain that everything is being worked out. I’ll see you at the attorney’s office tomorrow at 3:00 pm. Do not worry. You ARE getting the keys to your new home TOMORROW.”

There was such an inexplicable conviction within me. This had been one of THE most roller coaster real estate transactions ever. It didn’t matter. I KNEW. Long story short. Her bank reversed their error and refunded all of the fees. We closed on time and my client and her family happily moved into their new home as scheduled.

This was just one of many, many occurrences of KNOWING. I discovered that the fastest path to ANYTHING that you desire to have, do, or experience is to clearly KNOW that it’s already done. I’m not talking about ‘lip-service’, or hoping or having “faith”. Those things are contingent on something or someone OUTSIDE of yourself. The key to the “formula” that has worked for me is to KNOW deeply within.

Now, I’m not going to try and convince you that I arrived there overnight. I’ve had MULTIPLE ups, downs, battles with doubt, insecurity, fear, you name it. However, when I finally decided to take personal responsibility for my thoughts, my words and the energy that I am emitting, THAT’S when everything changed.

Today, when I’m faced with what seems like an impossible situation or even if I’m feeling a little overwhelmed,

I ask myself, “Do You KNOW?”

The following acronym helps to quickly bring me back to center:

       K – Kick it up a notch. Let go of any illusion of powerlessness and remember who you truly are. Own it.

       N – Now is the moment that has THE most power. Use it.

       O – Only YOU can take back control of your thoughts and words. Feel it.

       W– When you know that you know, there is a peaceful calmness that resonates within you. Allow it.

Sidebar – The most important element to consider when you are in the “knowing zone” is that your intention must be for the highest good. Are you coming from a place of integrity, compassion, and love? Or is there some negative and funky manipulation going on? Only you know your true intentions.

When you’re clear that this (fill in the blank) that you desire to be or have, or experience is grounded in a place of goodness, you can’t help but to draw to you the energy of love that changes things in a very powerful way. The fear or doubt that could easily derail the momentum of you knowing that you KNOW is replaced with a quiet confidence that the outcome, the essence of what is for the highest good is already DONE.

When was the last time that YOU had a “Do You KNOW experience; and it ALL worked out? We’d Love to hear about it. Much Love and Life Harmony, Linda