A Spiritual Heart

Orgonite statues, pendants, jewelry, and other unique gifts

A Spiritual Heart’s purpose is to assist the human population in its spiritual evolution and awakening, Their ancient memory is available to all those who wish to be more knowledgeable of their own ancient spirit with experiential practice. They are dedicated to aid those who wish to become spiritual teachers as they pursue their life purpose and life work, their work will always be from the heart space with integrity and grace.

Besides Metaphysical Naturalism, however, our mission statement includes two other goals: one social, and one ethical and we have dedicated ourselves to the service of humanity in these two high areas of service.

Socially, we seek an atmosophere of intellectual freedom and tolerance, for the promotion of knowledge and understanding through the avid pursuit of philosophy and the scientific enterprise. We believe all people should be allowed, even encouraged, to hear all sides of every religious claim and choose for themselves, using evidence and reason rather than force, intimidation, deception, or any other underhanded tactic.

Ethically, we want to uphold the dignity of humanity by embodying honesty and compassion in our pursuit of the truth. The good of mankind is our greatest goal. And to achieve this, knowledge, reason, honesty, fairness, and understanding are essential.

We invite you to experience A Spiritual Heart, be it through one of our orgone energy creations, one of the many one of a kind gift products we sell, a spiritual reading or consultation, or if you should happen to hear us on radio or meet us in person. We look forward to meeting you and sharing our heart, A Spiritual Heart!

Jerry and Sandra

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