Spiritual Channeling – Fact or Fiction?

Remember that scene in the movie “Ghost” when Whoopi Goldberg allowed Patrick Swayze’s character to communicate with and warn Demi Moore’s character using her physical body? Although the special affects helped to make the storyline a little more juicy, those occurrences were pretty accurate.

I’ve got to admit, I used to be a very scary type of person. I never watched horror movies and I was convinced that I would have a heart attack if I ever encountered something that I could not physically explain. All of that changed in 1995. I remember it like it was yesterday.  It was the evening before the funeral of a very, very dear SisterFriend who was on life support and scheduled to be taken off the ventilator the next day.  Some old friends and I were sitting at my kitchen table and reminiscing about different experiences we had had with her. I didn’t know it at the time, but one of the friends at my kitchen table; a very soft-spoken and gentile lady was extremely ‘open’ to channeling the energy of souls in transition and those who have passed on. Midway through our conversation,

I watched in amazement as this soft-spoken lady at my kitchen table took on the speech, mannerisms, and posture of our friend who was making her transition.

She sat up straight, turned her head to the side, and pointed her finger as she spoke; EXACTLY like our transitioning friend would have!! She went on to explain the events that took place right before she went into a coma. She kept holding her head and telling us how very badly her head had hurt her; our friend died of a brain aneurysm. In her no-nonsense tone, she admonished us to tell everyone to stop crying over her body as she lay in the hospital. The fearful emotions of the living make it difficult for a soul in transition to pass peacefully.

She gave very clear details about who was to prepare her body for burial. She instructed everyone to wear white to her funeral and to bring lots of white flowers. She said that she was fine and it was very beautiful where she was. She said she was happy and ready to go and to tell her children how very much she loves them.

WOW!!! This was profound!!! Each of us at my kitchen table KNEW that our friend had visited with us. Everything that our soft-spoken friend channeled was EXACTLY as our transitioning friend would have communicated it. From that day on I KNEW that channeling was real and my perspective on death was changed forever.

We are all spiritual beings having a physical experience while here on this planet. When our physical body no longer functions and ‘dies’, that body is just a mere fraction of who we really are. Our spirit, our soul, our non-physical essence is the older wiser part of us that has experienced many, many life times in many, many forms. We are energy that cannot ‘die’ or be destroyed.

This first-hand experience opened my eyes and taught me not to quickly dismiss things I did not understand. Many of us who were taught religion at a young age were told that any phenomena that could not be explained in a religious book or by a religious leader was from some dark or demonic place. The experience with my dear friend and many other occurrences that I have personally witnessed over the years continue to educate me on the wealth of knowledge available when we step outside of our self-inflicted comfort zone.

In my experience, Channeling can occur in many different ways. 

*  A visible physical transformation as I described here.

*  Clear communication through dreams.

*  Clear auditory communication that can actually be heard.

*  Information can be relayed by way of the written word.

A great example of written channeling is found in the book trilogy, “Conversations With God” by Neale Donald Walsh. When Neale first started receiving this life-changing information, he thought he was losing his mind. He thought, “I’m no body special, why would God want to talk to me?”. The reality is that God, your Higher Self, The Creator is always available to ‘talk’ to us. The question is are we listening? Does it sound too spooky or crazy to believe that you, me, all of us have the ability to receive and channel invaluable information that can improve the quality of life?

To answer the original question: Spiritual CHANNELING – Fact or Fiction?  My numerous first hand experiences clearly confirm to me that Spiritual Channeling is REAL. I’ve witnessed and received life-changing information that has been beneficial to many. One side note, although my experiences have been very accurate, please keep in mind that there are some fakes who do not have your best interest at heart. If you want to interact with a Spiritual Channel, get recommendations from people you trust. More importantly, use your own internal guidance to decipher if a situation or person resonates with what YOU need for your spiritual growth and development.  Much Love and Life Harmony, Linda

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