What is This LIFE HARMONY Thing About Anyway?

Tell the truth. When you first heard about Life Harmony Links, were you envisioning crowds of happy people hugging trees and singing Kum-ba-ya? It’s okay if you did. Loving the Earth is just part of our passion. We realize that we’re living in a very critical time where there is a vibration of fear and chaos that is strategically running wild. We also realize that in order to help positively impact and raise the vibration of our planet, it’s vital to regain and strengthen our inner power.

The vision of LIFE HARMONY LINKS is to help connect you back to your TRUE self and inspire more love, health and harmony on the planet, one person at a time.

True Life Harmony is rarely about what’s going on outside of you. It always originates with your vibration, your thoughts, the level and quality of energy that is emanating from you.

In order to reconnect with who you really are, it’s imperative to allow the highest version of yourself to rise and allow your Spirit to remember what you came here to do.

I acquired the name “Life Harmony Lady” and more recently “Linda K. Harmony” because I firmly believe that when we are living OUR definition of joy, spiritual consciousness, wellness, prosperity, personal empowerment, growth, fulfillment, and life harmonywe positively impact those around us and the planet as a whole.

By sharing uplifting material, interviews, stories, and lessons learned along the way, my intention is to help you clarify and live in alignment with YOUR definition of Life Harmony and Fulfillment.

When you do, your energy is stronger, your signal is clearer, and your light shines much brighter. As we expand and learn to trust ourselves and one another more, collectively we raise the vibration and level of integrity of the planet.

Moment-by-moment, day-by-day, step-by-step, together we can contribute to the positive frequency of love that is vastly needed at this time. This is a group effort. We are part of a collective consciousness that thrives in the highest element of Love, Light, and Harmony.

YOUR Light is needed.

The whole Life Harmony movement starts with each of us and what we ‘being’ on a daily basis.

What can YOU do?

* Make a conscious decision to get a grip on your own energy and use it for the highest good. When you’re confronted with a situation where you think you can “get over” (i.e. cheat, steal, lie, etc.); treat the other person or situation with integrity and compassion. Even if you think you may be “losing” for the moment. The power of reciprocity will always come back in your favor if your heart and intentions are pure.


* Rather than giving your precious attention to the latest carefully orchestrated wave of fear and drama, recognize when your emotions are being manipulated and stand in your personal power. Re-center yourself and regain your composure in that moment with deep breathing and clearing your mind.


* Remember that you are MORE than just this physical body. You are a spiritual being who is emitting an extremely impactful signal.  Your very thoughts, words, fears, or courage affects what is going on right NOW whether you’re aware of it or not. Internally define what is most important in that moment and proceed with truth.


* Set a crystal clear intention each day BEFORE you get out of bed to have a happy, healthy, fun, enlightening, safe, prosperous, successful day. Your decision to allow this energy in your life makes these more than just words.

When harmony is your focus, enlightening connections, opportunities, adventures, and all the good stuff that you came here to experience will seem to almost magically come in to your life.

Real happiness starts and ends with the man or woman in the mirror. What YOU believe about YOU. How you feel about YOU. That is the starting point.

Some very important questions to ask yourself are:

  • What gives me the most joy, clarity, and peace of mind?
  • What makes me feel most empowered, healthy, and loved?
  • How do YOU define Life Harmony?

When we have a clearer understanding of what Life Harmony really means to us, we can regain and maintain our own sense of inner peace. Anything that no longer serves us lights up like a billboard with a screeching siren attached to it. Your gut tells you to let it go.

We are at a critical time where the powerful sense of love, compassion, integrity & harmony must be cultivated & shared…. one person at a time. Why not start today?

Much Love and Life Harmony, Linda

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