What is Your UNBORN Baby Trying to Tell You?

A mother knows that the bond between her and her baby is strengthened when she talks or sings to her little one when he or she is still in her womb. But how many moms have actually experienced a TWO-WAY conversation with their unborn or newborn baby? More than you might imagine!! There are hundreds, perhaps even thousands of mothers across the country who at one time feared they might be losing their minds until they learned about the work that Sandra Jones-Keller is doing with expectant parents. Sandra is a Pregnancy Coach and a living testament of TWO-WAY intuitive communication with her unborn child. Sandra Jones-Keller teaches moms and dads how to establish a relationship with their baby BEFORE he or she is born.

At 41 years old, Sandra became pregnant with her daughter Mecca. Although she was only a few days late with her menstrual cycle, Sandra looked like she was 3 to 4 months pregnant. It turns out that she had a couple of large fibroid tumors, one of which was at the base of her uterus. Her doctor’s prognosis was pretty grim. Sandra was told that she would be bedridden for most of her pregnancy, her baby would be born 3 months prematurely, and she would need to have a C-section. You can only imagine how stressful this news was for Sandra and her husband Thomas.

Fortunately, they did not panic. Throughout her lifetime, Sandra has been a spiritual seeker and healing energy worker. When faced with a challenge, she focuses upon her natural spiritual base and inner wisdom. Rather than give in to what could have been an overwhelming ordeal, Sandra created an intuitive partnership with her unborn baby in order to learn what she needed to be born healthy.

She spoke to her baby and her baby ‘spoke’ back. Yes, you read that correctly.
As a result of keeping an open mind, not dismissing vital clues she received from spirit, and forming a conscious partnership with her baby before she was born; what seemed to be impossible became her reality. Not only was Sandra NOT bedridden during her pregnancy, she was quite active and worked part-time right up until the weekend before she gave birth. Instead of being born prematurely as originally thought, Sandra carried her baby girl to the full-term of 9 months. She did have a C-section because of the position of the fibroids, however, there were no complications during her delivery.

This experience was life changing for Sandra and her family. She discovered that there are a number of women with high risk and non-high risk pregnancies who want to cultivate more of a spiritual bond with their unborn and newborn babies. Together with her professional training and first-hand experiences, Sandra developed a program and also wrote a book entitled, Intuitive Communication with Your Baby’s Soul. Her passion is to help expectant parents establish and nurture an intuitive relationship with their babies, and assist the Crystal Soul and Indigo Children being born at this time.

A few of the tools and techniques that Sandra teaches

expectant parents are:

*** How to ground themselves.

*** Exercises that help to develop their intuition.

*** Guided meditation that assists with opening of the chakras.

*** Connecting with their baby intuitively.

*** Guidance to help Mom and Dad develop a spiritual bond with their unborn and infant baby.

Sandra’s daughter Mecca is now 11 years old. Their intuitive relationship continued when Mecca was an infant, a toddler, and it continues to thrive to this day. I’ve known Sandra, her husband Thomas, and their daughter Mecca for the past several years and have had the pleasure of spending time with them on many occasions. They are among the most loving, intelligent, gifted and brightest lights on this planet.

For those parents who’d like to learn more about this important spiritual connection with their unborn or newborn child, you’ll want your own copy of, Intuitive Communication with Your Baby’s Soul by Sandra Jones-Keller. If you’d like to schedule a consultation with Sandra, she can be reached at https://www.sandrajoneskeller.com

Much Love and Life Harmony, Linda

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